Asset Recovery

Expert Valuation and Asset Appraisal Services

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We have a wide range of experience working with every aspect of industrial equipment. Thru our expertise and partnerships we provide expert valuation and asset appraisal services. These qualifications result in providing clients with the highest possible recovery value for idle or surplus equipment.

We are able to sell your surplus assets through several sales methods to achieve the highest possible recovery value, ranging from live webcast auctions of assets to private negotiated sales of machinery. These proven methods have resulted in clients obtaining maximum asset recovery value. Please contact us to discuss your project needs.

Converting the value of your idled or unused assets into working capital.

Heritage Industrial Services, Inc. is a proud member of the Investment Recovery Association, the professional organization of surplus/idle assets managers and related suppliers and providers.

heavy equipment riggers

Asset recovery valuations our based on many variables and considerations:

  • Age and condition of equipment
  • Industry market conditions and demands
  • Specialized design and/or modifications
  • Historical sales data
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