Industrial Dismantling

Dismantling and Disassembly services

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Heritage Industrial Services offers nationwide comprehensive industrial dismantling and disassembly services. We provide a complete package with labor, lifting equipment, processing equipment, and transportation. Safety is a priority on every dismantling project, as well as quality control and adherence to all specifications and budgetary goals. Our OSHA trained and experienced crews are capable of handling all types of demanding / technical projects, from the smallest single piece of equipment to an entire plant or unit dismantling projects.

We can do what others cannot

The following is a sample list of equipment we specialize in dismantling:

  • Boilers
  • Steel Tanks
  • Water Towers and Smoke Stacks
  • Obsolete Equipment and Structures Removal

Heritage has an in-depth knowledge and experience of dismantling heavy equipment in industrial environments. We ensure thru pre-planning and coordination that the removal of all obsolete equipment and machinery is performed with minimum impact to facilities.