What are Equipment Rigging Services?

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When you need industrial equipment to be installed, dismantled, or simply relocated, our qualified rigging staff will perform all necessary services. Being a highly qualified rigging company, Heritage Industrial Services will safely and efficiently handle the tasks at hand to minimize operational downtime. Continue reading to learn more about our rigging services to provide support for all your machine moving needs.


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The ABC’s of Equipment Rigging 

In a nutshell, equipment rigging involves the labor and tools required to transport, install, or dismantle large scale industrial machinery. Cables, straps, and heavy equipment are necessary to prepare the equipment for transport. Depending on the logistics, our riggers will solely handle the transportation requirements or outsource the transportation. Either way, the machinery will be moved in a timely and safe manor. Since heavy machinery isn’t easily wheeled out of your facility and onto a trailer, the right cranes and engineering specifications are utilized to ensure the equipment is moved with no damage to the machinery or the surrounding infrastructure. 

At Heritage Industrial Services, our rigging staff has the capabilities and experience for complete turn-key rigging operations. In additional to prepping your machinery for transport, we also possess the cranes, trucking, and specialized tools necessary to rig machinery of any size. 

Upon completion of relocation, our highly trained crew can provide maintenance services of your equipment. Our turn-key capabilities provide cost effective measures while following strict safety guidelines for the duration of the rigging project. Part of our focus is to keep project costs low and reducing downtime to provide as little stress as possible during the relocation project.

Rigging Industry Experience

We operate in numerous industries to provide turn-key rigging services. Whether it’s pharmaceutical, chemical, or food & beverage, we provide rigging services in any industrial sector. If you need equipment relocated on evenings, weekends, or at any other time to minimize downtime, our rigging professionals are ready, willing, and able to get the job done.


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