Rigging and Dismantling Plant Machinery – Start with a Factory Relocation Checklist

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One of the biggest jobs when relocating an industrial facility is moving plant machinery. In most cases, it will have to be partially or completely dismantled to be moved and reassembled in the new location. Relocating an industrial facility is a complex task that involves many factors. To ensure that moving plant machinery as well as the entire process goes smoothly, it is important that you start with a factory relocation checklist. This will help to ensure each step of the process goes smoothly and is completed on schedule. 

Plan Early

The earlier you start planning your relocation project, the better prepared you’ll be. Once you’ve hired an industrial service company to handle the move, coordinate with them to plan out each step of the process. If disassembling and moving plant machinery is not carefully planned and executed, damage to the machinery. The time spent planning can greatly reduce the risk involved.

Audit Machinery

It is important to conduct an audit before moving plant machinery. Check and document the condition of each piece of machinery. Not only will this make it easier to identify any damage that may have occurred prior to relocation, but it will also allow you to identify pieces of machinery that may need to be decommissioned rather than moved.

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It is also a good practice to assign a unique asset tag to each piece of machinery if they don’t already have one. Identical tags can be attached to the coordinating manuals and spare parts for each piece of machinery. Taking photographs of your machinery can be a great way to enhance your documentation and can also illustrate machinery specific details such as connection points.

Coordinate Your Team

While the industrial service company you choose will handle the majority of the project, no one knows your machinery better than the people that maintain and operate it every day. You may even have millwright in-house. Having your crew collaborate with the industrial service company can facilitate the move safely and efficiently. Be sure to provide them with any blueprints or schematics of your machinery you have to help ensure that neither the disassembly nor reassembly result in any damage to your machinery. 

Review Plant Layouts

Having detailed layout drawings of both your existing and new facility are essential when moving plant machinery. They allow the industrial services team to identify any obstacles there may be in either location. It will also help in deciding in what order the machinery should be moved out of the existing location. Because the layout of the new location is not identical to the existing one, the machinery may need to be moved in and reassembled in a different order. Identifying obstacles and determining the correct order for moving plant machinery in advance will help ensure a smooth relocation process.

Create a Schedule

Most plant or factory relocations take place over several days. By creating a comprehensive schedule, it may be possible to have some machinery remain in operation in your existing location while other machinery is being reassembled and put into operation in the new facility. You and the industrial relocation team must develop a schedule in order to complete moving plant machinery quickly and minimize any downtime.

Adjust Your Supply Chain

When moving plant machinery, it can disrupt your supply chain. To keep that disruption to a minimum, make sure your suppliers and those you supply are aware of your relocation and when it will take place. This will allow those you supply to order extra products to hold them over during the relocation process and ensure that your suppliers know when to begin delivering to your new location.

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Moving Plant Machinery? 

At the top of your checklist should be hiring a turkey industrial service company. It will make the relocation process more efficient and cost-effective. Heritage Industrial Services can handle your entire relocation project from machinery dismantling, reassembly, and millwright services to rigging, trucking, warehousing, and asset recovery. We also hold ourselves to the highest safety standards and pride ourselves on delivering the best service possible to our clients.

We work with a diverse group of clients from a wide variety of industries. Our expert staff uses cutting-edge rigging equipment and certified safety techniques, including thorough inspections to ensure the highest quality and safest rigging operations. We employ NCCCO and OSHA trained riggers and signalman for all projects to ensure that all your rigging needs are performed safely, efficiently, and on budget with no issues. 

Heritage Industrial is committed to conducting business operations in a manner that sustains the environment and protects the health and safety of our employees, clients, and the public. Please contact us today to discuss your industrial machinery move!



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