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When facing the overwhelming task of a plant relocation or decommission, it’s best to work with an industrial turnkey services company. While many claim to offer turnkey services, many are simply using outside contractors. They hire these contractors to supply the equipment and perform the services they can’t provide. You may think this is no big deal as long as they get the job done. However, It’s important to do your due diligence when researching the various industrial service providers. A company that truly offers turnkey services can provide benefits that those other companies just can’t deliver.

What are Turnkey Services?

An industrial turnkey contracting company can handle every aspect of your project. From dismantling and rigging to transportation and reassembly, they eliminate the need for subcontractors. If the need arises for structural steel fabrication and erection, mechanical process piping removal and installation, millwright services, or asset recovery, a turnkey services provider will have the ability to execute your project from planning to completion. Should your equipment need warehousing, they will also have short or long term options available which include the crating, skidding, and packaging of equipment. This provides both efficiency and effectiveness to the process and virtually eliminates the chance of items being overlooked.

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An industrial turnkey services crew is a lot like a pro football team. Working together on project after project builds the same strong teamwork as running plays during practice. The result is a team can execute those plays or projects like a well-oiled machine. When you have multiple teams that are unfamiliar with each other working together, it’s kind of like watching the Pro Bowl. You have a bunch of players that aren’t in sync with each other and turn out a less than stellar performance. That’s not the outcome you want for your industrial project.

Experience, Expertise, and Equipment

These are important factors when choosing a company for your industrial project. You want a crew with the proper skills and equipment to get the job done right. A company that offers turnkey services will possess the expertise to handle every aspect of your project. Some companies that claim to be turnkey bring in subcontractors to complete a project. That means they lack the skills or equipment to handle certain aspects of the project. 

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This raises a couple of red flags. If they don’t possess the knowledge and expertise to complete certain tasks, are they really qualified to choose the best industrial contractor?

There is also the issue of equipment. If they have to rent the equipment needed to complete your project, how much experience do they have operating it? In your search for the best industrial service company to complete your project, you need to be asking these questions. A true turnkey services provider will have all the right answers. 


When monitoring the progress of your project, accountability is important. If there are multiple subcontractors working on your project, who do you go to to get information? More than likely you’ll have to talk to a few people to get the information you need, each of them only knowledgeable about their specific task. With a turnkey company, the project supervisor will oversee the entire project and be totally responsible for ensuring its success. They will be able to provide you with all the pertinent information about the progress of your project and immediately handle any issues that arise. 

Cost Control

With multiple subcontractors involved, project costs can quickly get out of hand. Your contractor has to pay the subcontractors. However, they will still want to make a profit off the subcontractor’s work and that extra expense gets passed on to you. Hiring an industrial turnkey services company will keep the project cost under control and on budget.

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On-Time Project Completion

Hiring subcontractors also has the potential to slow down a project. If a subcontractor is only on-site for a specific task, they will have other projects as well. They could end up off on another project when they’re needed on yours. Their absence can hold up the rest of the crew, causing delays and potentially disrupting the timely completion of the project. A project that continues past the project completion date will typically exceed the budget as well.

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Industrial Turnkey Services 

Looking for an industrial service company with the experience and equipment to handle every aspect of your plant relocation?  Heritage Industrial Services provides turnkey services nationwide. 

Heavy industrial and manufacturing equipment relocation can be a serious challenge but, with over 90 years of combined experience, there isn’t much we haven’t moved or done. Our services range from removing and installing small individual machines to relocating huge industrial facilities. We work with a diverse group of clients across a wide variety of industries.

Heritage Industrial Services is committed to conducting business operations in a manner that sustains the environment and protects the health and safety of our employees, clients, and the public. To discuss how your plant relocation project can benefit from our turnkey services, contact us today!



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