Plant Dismantling Services – Why Hire Investment Recovery Specialists

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When you add up the cost of the equipment contained in a large industrial facility, the value can easily be a multi-million dollar figure. Dismantling it is a huge undertaking that is best handled by an experienced industrial service company. They will have the skill and knowledge to disassemble, transport, and reassemble these valuable assets.  When choosing an industrial service provider for your dismantling project, you want to hire a turnkey company that offers more than just plant dismantling services. Their team should include investment recovery specialists as well.

Investment Recovery Specialists

Also referred to as asset recovery professionals, industrial investment recovery specialists identify and maximize the value of decommissioned or obsolete equipment. While facility management may understand the value of these items, they typically have neither the time or experience to determine and execute the best method for recouping any monetary value the equipment may have. Their priority is often just to dispose of such equipment as quickly as possible to move the project forward as quickly as possible. This may facilitate the completion of the project, but at what cost? An industrial service company skilled in investment recovery will not only ensure your dismantling project is completed on time but also save you money in the process. This is done either by redeployment or divestment. Regardless of the method used, investment recovery can provide a variety of benefits. Facilities that are not facing relocation or shut down can also benefit from professional investment recovery.

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Generate Revenue

This is the primary reason for enlisting the services of an investment recovery specialist. Selling equipment that is no longer in use can increase your cash flow. That boost in revenue can be used toward the expense of relocation or help reduce the financial impact of a plant shutdown. 

Reduce Wasted Space

In just about every industrial facility, every square foot is covered in equipment and supplies. Using any of that space to house unused or obsolete equipment isn’t only a waste of valuable real estate but it’s also a waste of money. With professional investment recovery, you have the opportunity to generate revenue and free up valuable real estate within your facility. That space can be used to increase production by bringing in new equipment or reconfiguring existing equipment. Also eliminating idle equipment prior to relocating can reduce moving expenses and eliminate unnecessary clutter and storage in your new facility.  

Minimize Environmental Impact

Although it may not be a direct financial benefit, investment recovery can help reduce the impact an industrial facility has on the environment. By redeploying or divesting unused or obsolete equipment, you can prevent it from ending up in a landfill. Many businesses and consumers prefer to do business with companies that are environmentally conscious. Doing your part to protect the environment can have a positive impact on your business.

Corporate Sustainability

All these benefits play a part in the sustainability of a business. Failing to take advantage of ways to cut costs and generate additional revenue can limit a company’s ability to invest in its growth.  Also, from a stakeholder perspective, a company that is viewed as fiscally responsible and environmentally conscious is more likely to be considered for future investments.  

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Heritage Investment Recovery Specialists

Heritage Industrial Services brings over 90 years of combined experience to the table. We are a proud member of the Investment Recovery Association, the professional organization of surplus/idle assets managers and related suppliers and providers. Heritage has a wide range of experience working with every aspect of industrial equipment. Through our expertise and partnerships, we provide expert valuation and asset appraisal services. These qualifications result in providing clients with the highest possible recovery value for idle or surplus equipment.

Our team can expertly handle your asset recovery project to boost your bottom line or offset demolition or shutdown expenses. Using a variety of platforms from private sales to live webcast auctions, we consistently provide our clients with the highest possible recovery value for idle or surplus equipment. Contact us today to discuss your asset recovery project.



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