Heavy Equipment Operators: The Importance of Certified Safety Training

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Industrial rigging and dismantling projects require the use of at least one if not several pieces of heavy machinery including cranes, forklifts, aerial lifts and more. Operating heavy equipment is no easy task. If employees are not trained properly, it can lead to numerous problems for your project and your business. This is why it is so important for heavy equipment operators to go through certified safety training before starting the job.

Certification Required

Whether you’re operating a crane or a forklift, all heavy equipment operators must be nationally certified to operate heavy machinery. It lets people know that you understand safe operating practices and have the qualifications necessary to complete the job safely and efficiently. Not having your certification can lead to penalties and fines. Heavy equipment operators should always carry their certification cards on them in the event of an on-site accident.

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Safety First

Safety needs to be your number one priority on the job site. When forklift, crane, or aerial lift operators don’t go through the proper training, they do not understand all of the possible hazards that come with operating heavy machinery. Proper training teaches heavy equipment operators how to avoid overhead hazards, protect against falls, prevent damage to equipment, and how to keep themselves and those around them safe from harm. Accidents and employee injuries can easily be avoided with the proper safety training.

Save Money with Efficient Operations

If an accident does happen on the job site because of improper training, it can significantly add to the overall cost of the project. Accidents can cause pieces of equipment to break, forcing you to purchase replacement parts or, in severe cases, a brand new piece of equipment. When operators go through thorough training, they understand how to avoid these accidents. Also, they know how to handle the equipment properly so that minimal maintenance is needed to keep them up and running on a regular basis.

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Heavy equipment operators who go through certified training courses are not only taught how to operate equipment safely but efficiently as well. They know exactly how each aspect of the machine works, allowing operations to run as smoothly as possible. If an employee is not familiar with the technical aspects of the heavy equipment they’re operating, it can take them twice as much time to complete a job, as opposed to an employee who has been properly trained. Well trained employees get the job done safely in the quickest way possible, helping to ensure that your project stays on schedule and under budget.

Certified Heavy Equipment Operators for Your Project

Is your business in need of certified heavy equipment operators for your upcoming project? Heritage Industrial Services specializes in industrial rigging and dismantling for projects of all sizes and is committed to the safety of its employees, clients and the public. All of our heavy equipment operators are OSHA trained and certified, giving you the peace of mind that your project will be completed as safely and efficiently as possible. Our crews have the experience necessary to handle projects of all types, from moving a single piece of equipment to dismantling and relocating an entire plant.

We have worked on projects, both demanding in time and technicality, and have always finished safely and on schedule. Our clients are diverse and include commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, warehousing, and other industries. Heritage Industrial Services takes great pride in job performance and meeting all of our client’s needs. Give us a call today to ensure your project is handled the right way.


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