Machine Moving and Rigging – Benefits of Hiring the Professionals

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When moving large industrial equipment, materials or machinery the goal isn’t only to get it to its final destination but to get it there safely and on time. This involves specialized equipment and a machine moving and rigging company with the experience to understand and navigate the most complex projects. Each project is unique, requiring attention to detail and the ability to identify the best methods and equipment to complete the move successfully.

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Detailed Planning 

When moving heavy industrial machinery, rigging is required to lift and transport it. The first step to executing a safe and successful rigging project is to determine what type of lift is required and develop an appropriate rigging plan. The purpose of a rigging plan is to ensure control of the lift, identify all potential hazard and establish the proper safety precautions. This includes site evaluation and having the proper lift team in place.

Proper Equipment

When choosing equipment to lift and transport heavy industrial machinery, it goes without saying that a crane is at the top of the list. To determine the right crane for the job, professional machine moving and rigging companies will consider three major factors – how much weight it can lift, how high it can lift and what is the horizontal reach. However, rigging and moving heavy machinery involves more than just a crane. It requires specialized rigging equipment and the appropriate vehicle for transport. It’s important to hire a rigging company that has all the proper equipment. 

Industry Experience

In addition to planning and having the right equipment, you want to choose a machine moving and rigging company with extensive experience. Every project is unique, often requiring “outside of the box” thinking to safely and successfully complete the project. With each project they complete, their knowledge and skills increase, providing them with the ability to develop a plan for the most complex moves that keep the risk of damage and injury to a minimum. Be sure to ask about their previous project and get references if possible.

Safety and Certifications

As mentioned earlier, safety is a top priority when executing a machine moving and rigging project. When choosing a company to handle your project, you want to make sure that their entire team is NCCCO certified as well as OSHA trained and certified. You want to hire a company that is committed to maintaining the highest safety standards through on-site compliance, employee preparedness, and ongoing training and certification. This will help to ensure the safety of your equipment and prevent any incidents of personal injury.

Licenses and Insurance

Industrial machine moving and rigging comes with a high level of risk. While extensive planning, proper equipment, safety training, and certifications go a long way in mitigating risk, unfortunate events can still occur.  Make sure the company you hire has a fully-licensed team of operators and provides proof of the required insurance. Otherwise, you could find yourself responsible for any damage to your equipment. This will have a negative impact on your bottom line and could delay the completion of your project. 

Turnkey Operation

There can be a lot of moving parts to a machine moving and rigging project. Dismantling and reassembly may be required or you may need to warehouse your equipment temporarily. If the equipment being moved is decommissioned, you may require asset recovery services. Hiring a company that handles every aspect of your project from start to finish will not only streamline the process but also be more cost-effective. 

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Machine Moving and Rigging Experts

Heritage Industrial Services provides complete machine moving and rigging services nationwide. Heavy industrial and manufacturing equipment relocation can be a serious challenge but, with over 90 years of combined experience, there isn’t much we haven’t moved or done. Our services range from removing and installing small individual machines to relocating huge industrial facilities. We work with a diverse group of clients across a wide variety of industries.

Heritage Industrial Services is committed to conducting business operations in a manner that sustains the environment and protects the health and safety of our employees, clients, and the public. Our expert staff employs the most up-to-date equipment and certified safety techniques, including thorough inspections to ensure the highest-quality and safest rigging operations.

 We employ NCCCO and OSHA trained riggers and signalman for all projects to ensure that all your rigging needs are performed safely, efficiently, and on budget with no issues. To discuss how your project can benefit from our turnkey services, please call us at 609-752-0143 or contact us today!


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