Why Hire a Turnkey Industrial Service Company for Plant Relocation

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Industrial plant relocation is a major undertaking. There are quite a few different services required to execute the project. Much like the now popular design/build construction concept, a turnkey industrial service company has the equipment and experience to handle every phase of a relocation project from start to finish. Having an industrial service company that offers turnkey complete plant relocation services can provide many benefits.

Streamlined Process

Just about everyone has experienced the frustration of calling a company they do business with only to be put on hold and then transferred from department to department. By the time you get the information or service you need, not only are you aggravated by the inefficiency but also by the loss of valuable time out of your day. That’s what can happen when you put your plant relocation in the hands of an industrial service company that uses multiple subcontractors or you try to hire and coordinate each contractor yourself. 

Industrial relocation

When hiring a company that provides turnkey industrial services, all of that frustration is eliminated. Logistics are coordinated and communications are streamlined. Each step of the process from rigging and dismantling to trucking and reinstallation is carefully synchronized to have your new location up and running on schedule. 

If unforeseen issues should arise, customized solutions are developed quickly and efficiently, minimizing the downtime of your business operations. While you are kept informed throughout the process, you can basically remain hands-off, leaving you free to take care of business.


Having a turkey industrial service company conduct your plant relocation will save you money, time and frustration. Streamlined processes maintain or reduce project completion times, controlling labor costs. Having in-house professionals, each highly skilled in their trade virtually eliminates the need to bring in outside companies or contractors which would increase the cost of the project. Working with a single industrial service company also means you will receive a single invoice, making it easier to understand the scope and expense of the project.

Safe Transport and Storage

Industrial equipment is typically large and expensive, requiring special care to safely transport it to its new location. In addition to removing and dismantling your valuable equipment, a turnkey industrial service company will expertly crate and transport it as well. With some plant relocation projects, there may be a delay before equipment can be reinstalled in the new location, requiring it to be warehoused. With a turnkey company, professional warehousing can also be provided, eliminating the need to enlist the service of an independent warehousing facility.   

Beyond Plant Relocation

A turnkey industrial service company will offer additional services such as asset recovery and custom structural steel fabrication. When dismantling your existing location, they can evaluate any equipment that is no longer in use and determine if there is a potential to sell it to be put back into service or if it has value as scrap metal. They will also have the knowledge and a network enabling them to reach those who may be interested in purchasing that equipment. The revenue generated by selling decommissioned equipment can help defray the relocation cost.

The installation of your equipment in the new location may require reconfigured or completely redesigned steel structures to allow the plant layout to function efficiently. Custom structural steel fabrication is a service often included in turnkey industrial services. Having a company that is already familiar with your equipment and its new location will allow them to fabricate a steel structure to your specific needs.

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Hire a Turnkey Industrial Service Company

Looking for an industrial service company with the experience and equipment to handle every aspect of your plant relocation? Heritage Industrial Services provides turnkey plant relocation services nationwide. 

Heavy industrial and manufacturing equipment relocation can be a serious challenge but, with over 90 years of combined experience, there isn’t much we haven’t moved or done. Our services range from removing and installing small individual machines to relocating huge industrial facilities. We work with a diverse group of clients across a wide variety of industries.

Heritage Industrial Services is committed to conducting business operations in a manner that sustains the environment and protects the health and safety of our employees, clients, and the public. To discuss how your plant relocation project can benefit from our turnkey services, please call us at 609-752-0143 or contact us today!



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